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James Newton's offers including these Popular items:

Picture of item #416011RLC_1:
RS232-TTL level converter in a DB9 backshell
 $29.95 1 in stock
RLC_0:RS232-TTL level converter w/DB9only NO CABLE $19.00 12 in stock
Picture of item #4160124Axis5:
BOB/Pulse/Power(PC Board ONLY)
 $8.00  in stock
4Axis5_pwr:5V regulator parts $2.00 2 in stock
4Axis5_pc:DB25 conn & cable for PC parallel port $9.95 2 in stock
RLC_7:RS232-TTL 6P4C $30.50 1 in stock
4Axis5_c11M:Cable for 1 driver (1/AXIS) PMinMO STD $3.00 1 in stock
4Axis5_pulse: Pulse generator parts ONLY $4.95 3 in stock
Ferrite Bead for Cell Phone Wired Headset Safety $8.95 32 in stock
RLC_2:RS232-TTL level converter for SONY ECS $29.95 6 in stock